Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CatBlock lives on

So. I expected CatBlock to be a short-lived April Fools' joke. I put about four solid weeks of development work into it, but the code was pretty messy and I planned to delete it from AdBlock on April 4.

But you all loved it so much, and left so many desperate comments on the blog post asking for CatBlock to live on, that I posted an update:


Wow, um, there's a lot more demand than I expected for CatBlock to not disappear. So how about this: vote with your dollars. I will make a standalone version of CatBlock and email you when it's ready if you will support AdBlock with a monthly payment. CatBlock doesn't have to die!

I spent most of April working on this, and it's now ready! You choose the monthly price to pay for a subscription to CatBlock, I send it to you, and you once again have kittehs all over your internets.

Things I've added in the subscription version:
  1. Users can add their cats to CatBlock for all users to see!
  2. You can replace the default cats with any Flickr photoset
  3. or, replace them with any topic you want from Flickr. Dogs? Ponies? Sandwiches?
Thanks for liking my April Fools' joke :) - Michael

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